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Film Review: The Legend of Tarzan (M15+) (USA, 2016)

Tarzan is a character that I have enjoyed over the years. I’m far from a fanatic, but I did like the concept of a man living in the jungle, residing with its inhabitants to become one of them, as well as its fish-out-of-water plot. I grew up watching Greystoke: The Legend of Tarzan, Lord of the Apes with the Highlander himself, Christopher Lambert as the ape-man and I enjoyed the Disney adaptation of the story as well. So when I heard about another adaptation of Tarzan, I was cautiously optimistic.... Continue Reading

SXSW Interview: Alexander Skarsgård talks about working with John Michael McDonagh on War on Everyone

Directed by John Michael McDonagh, War on Everyone sees Alexander Skarsgård and Micheal Pena as two corrupt cops in Mexico City who blackmail and frame criminals for their own benefit. That is until they cross someone with more power than them.... Continue Reading