Film Review: Ridley Scott tugs on existential threads with Alien: Covenant (USA, 2017)

May 11, 2017

2012’s Prometheus marked the beginning of a franchised prequel to Ridley Scott’s original Alien, not only taking fans back to the origins of this iconic sci-fi franchise, but diving deeper into the meaty philosophies such a concept brings, finding purpose with the motif of creation. The introduction of synthetic android David (Michael Fassbender) emerged as the vehicle for this great change in shift and tone; however, not granting this character believable motivations, and creating dynamics between him and the film’s human characters that felt contrived at best, spoiled what was otherwise an intriguing build-up to the Alien universe. Alien: Covenant could be seen as Scott attempting to correct the ills that weighed Prometheus down, while giving us the same enhanced visual experience the 2012 film became known for. ... Continue Reading

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Eight things you probably never knew about Ridley Scott’s classic Alien

February 15, 2016

This Friday, the Event Cinemas on George Street in Sydney will be screening the classic film Alien on the big screen in VMAX. To celebrate, we’re looking back at the film and bringing you ten things about the film you may have never known about it… Enjoy this list below! Oh and the screening comes at a great time: Scott’s prequel trilogy will be filming in Australia very soon.... Continue Reading

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Win a double pass to see Alien on the big screen at Sydney’s In The House

February 9, 2016

In The House returns again this year to Sydney’s Event Cinemas on George Street for its fourth season. The series of classic films, returning to the big screen for one night only, runs every other Friday at the cinema and Season Four includes screenings of Reservoir Dogs, the original Planet of the Apes, and Star Trek Wrath of Khan.... Continue Reading

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