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TV Review: Ash vs Evil Dead Season 2, Episode 3 “Last Call” (USA, 2016) reunites the holy trinity

Ash is an idiot. Not only did he lose his Delta to a bunch of teens he pissed off in last weeks episode, but it also had the Necronomicon in the back seat. But one amazing thing comes out of all of this: Last Call reunites Bruce Campbell and Ted Raimi (brother of Sam, and third deity of that holy trinity).... Continue Reading

TV Review: Ash vs Evil Dead Season 1, Episode 5 “The Host” (USA, 2015)

There’s a a line in this weeks episode of Ash VS Evil Dead that not only reflects how Ruby views all of these deranged events on her hunt to find Ash but in a much more understated way, how a viewer should approach this new off the wall series. “I used to think everything should be orderly, logical. That it should make sense the way I thought it should make sense.”... Continue Reading