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Games Review: .hack//G.U. The Last Recode (PS4, 2017): System Upgrade Complete

Before I begin my review, I’d like to discuss a bit of my history with the .hack franchise. When I first discovered manga, the first volume that I ever read was .hack//G.U.+, an adaptation of the original .hack//G.U. video game trilogy. As a young and impressionable child, the series blew my mind, and when I first found out that the series was based on a set of video games, I was ecstatic. Continue reading Games Review: .hack//G.U. The Last Recode (PS4, 2017): System Upgrade Complete

Gamescom 2016: New characters and story details have been revealed for Tekken 7

Fan favourite Lee Chaolan, and his alter ego, Violet, will be returning for the latest King of the Iron Fist Tournament, it was revealed at Gamescom.  Lees appearance in Tekken 7 plays into the storyline of the game through his adoption by Heihachi Mishima, who was raised to be a rival to his son Kazuya.... Continue Reading

Madman presents their Anime Festival 2016 in Melbourne!

This year, Madman will showcase their Madman Anime Festival for two days, celebrating anime and Japanese Culture at the Melbourne Convention and Exhibition Centre. The festival has been organised by Madman Entertainment and AnimeLab.... Continue Reading