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The best games of 2015 … so far

2015 has been a great year for gaming so far. Current-gen consoles are finally coming into their own and we’re seeing some truly creative, interesting new IP emerging as well. Here’s our ten favourite games of 2015 so far.... Continue Reading

Video Games Review: Batman: Arkham Knight (PS4, 2015)

Batman: Arkham Knight is the fourth game in the Batman: Arkham video game series and the third by series creator Rocksteady Studios. The little-known British developer took the gaming industry by surprise with Batman: Arkham Asylum back in 2009. Its innovative combat, smart design and reverent treatment of the Dark Knight left fans gobsmacked. Rocksteady then expanded on their thesis in the celebrated Batman: Arkham City and now aims to close out their series by creating the closest thing to an actual Batman simulator we’ve ever seen.... Continue Reading