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Boys in the Trees director Nicholas Verso on “white boys in suburbia”, Stranger Things, Adelaide & Nirvana

We sat down with the Nicholas Verso, who’s making his directorial debut with the new film Boys in the Trees, which is out in cinemas today. During out chat, the director looks back on writing the script for the film some five years ago, and how timely the film has ended up being with the popularity of Stranger Things.... Continue Reading

Toby Wallace & Mitzi Ruhlmast talk about nostalgia and adolescence in their new film Boys in the Trees

Out in cinemas today, just in time for Halloween is the new Australian film Boys in the Trees, straight off the international festival circuit. We sat down with the film’s stars Toby Wallace and Mitzi Ruhlmann to talk about filming at night in Adelaide, the film’s nostalgic 90s soundtrack, what they hope audiences take away from the genre-bending film and the support they’ve had from their families. Well, most of them.... Continue Reading

Win a double pass to see Boys in the Trees in cinemas

It’s Halloween 1997 – the last night of high school for Corey, Jango and their skater gang, The Gromits. Childhood is over and adult life beckons. But for Corey, his past has some unfinished business. When he encounters Jonah, a former childhood friend but now victimised by Jango’s cruel streak, Corey takes pity on him and agrees to walk him home for old time’s sake.... Continue Reading