Call of Duty

Activision finally confirms Call of Duty: Black Ops 4

March 9, 2018

After several days of leaks, some rather obviously “leaked “by PR and others genuinely leaked from sources close to the developer, Activision have finally confirmed that this year’s installment in the Call of Duty series will be Black Ops 4.

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Call of Duty World League National Circuit open to Australia and New Zealand

January 16, 2018

Competitive Call of Duty teams from both Australia and New Zealand now have the chance to sign up to the Call of Duty World League National Circuit to test their skills and teamwork on a national scale, in order to prove who’s the best down under.

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Games Review: Call of Duty: WWII (Xbox One X, 2017): A welcome return to form

November 10, 2017

What is this sensation I’m feeling? Is it … enjoyment? Am I actually having fun with a Call of Duty game again? I think I am! My god, it’s been a while.

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Call of Duty: World War II goes back to the well

April 22, 2017

Remember when we were all so excited for the Call of Duty series to leave its well-trodden World War II roots behind? Apparently, after a decade of increasingly futuristic entries in the series, the series is finally ready to return to its roots.

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Gamescom 2016: Activision announces release dates for new Call of Duty, Skylanders and Destiny

August 18, 2016

Activision has announced its line-up of game release news at Gamescom 2016, including Call of Duty: Infinite Warfares – Zombie in Spaceland, Skylanders Imaginators and Destiny: Rise of Iron. ... Continue Reading

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Game of Thrones’ Kit Harrington to star in new Call of Duty Game

June 17, 2016

Acivision have announced that Jon Snow himself, Kit Harrington is set to star in the upcoming Call of Duty game, Infinite Warfare.... Continue Reading

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E3 2016: Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare trailer is all about things exploding in space

June 15, 2016

Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare debuted a new trailer during Sony’s E3 press conference yesterday, playing like someone had pounded a case of Red Bull before attempting to write an episode of Battlestar Galactica.

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E3 2016: PS4 owners to get early access to Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare remaster

June 15, 2016

Activision’s Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare remaster will be available to those who pre-purchase Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare. If you have a PS4, you’ll be able to jump in sooner than everyone else.

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Video Games Review: Call of Duty: Black Ops III (PS4, 2015)

November 14, 2015

In many ways, Call of Duty: Black Ops III has to deal with the same design problems that Advanced Warfare, and even Ghosts, had to deal with. What can you do to keep a franchise that ruled the roost in one hardware generation fresh and interesting while still providing new ideas and features that move […]

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Video Games Interview: Treyarch’s David Vonderhaar talks Call of Duty: Black Ops III

October 22, 2015

The 2015 EB Expo was a huge show boasting equally huge titles, and few titles are as huge as Call of Duty. With Black Ops III right around the corner, we caught up with Treyarch’s Studio Design Director David Vonderhaar to talk about his dev career, what we can expect from the new game and where we go […]

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