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The five biggest and best trailer reveals from San Diego Comic-Con

Another Comic-Con, another year of rumours, superstars and a whole lot of trailers. Over the last handful of years, Comic-Con has summated itself as the prestige event when it comes to inviting us to unchartered blockbuster worlds. This year has proved no different, with a plethora of trailers to salivate over with a slew of upcoming releases. And with over seventeen trailers released covering both film and television, here at The Iris we are going to run down the five best trailer reveals in the domain of film, beginning with number five.... Continue Reading

The Iris Opinion: Warner Bros’ reaction to trailer leaks is bizarre and fan-hostile

Marvel Studios and Warner Bros. have very different opinions on what makes a good superhero movie. To date, Marvel’s formula has worked out a lot better for them than Warner’s, but then again the WB is only now getting the ball rolling on their DC Cinematic Universe. On the topic of how successful Warner’s strategy will be, time is still going to tell.... Continue Reading

The dramatic Comic-Con trailer for Fantastic Four is here

Just when you thought Comic-Con was done with superhero trailers, Fox went and screened the brand new trailer for the forthcoming Fantastic Four at their recent panel. That trailer has now been officially released, giving us a deeper look into “huge, multipower slugfest” that Director Josh Trank promised would be one of the major talking points coming out of this film.... Continue Reading

Someone leaked the Comic-Con trailer for X-Men: Apocalypse

Don’t you just love Comic-Con? Someone has went and recorded the big reveal at the 20th Century Fox panel, Bryan Singer showing the audience a three-minute trailer for next year’s huge X-Men: Apocalypse. The trailer leaked onto the internet in a speedy fashion, and while it’s slightly off-centre and terrible quality (he/she obviously didn’t want to get caught), there’s enough there so we can see what Marvel have in store for us.... Continue Reading

Watch the official trailer for AMC series Fear the Walking Dead

Fear the Walking Dead the anticipated spin-off series that was inspired by The Walking Dead is almost here, and San Diego’s Comic-Con became the platform for the first full trailer from AMC. Details already leaked earlier this year indicate that the series will be a prequel of sorts to The Walking Dead, detailing the spread of the virus with that visceral sense of dread that accompanies all good disaster and post-apocalyptic projects. ... Continue Reading

JJ Abrams releases new behind-the-scenes reel for Star Wars: The Force Awakens during San Deigo Comic-con panel

We were told prior to yesterday afternoon’s panel not to expect a new trailer for the upcoming seventh film in the Star Wars saga, The Force Awakens. While Disney were good to their word on that one, we did end up getting a quick look at the film anyway.... Continue Reading