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Video Games Preview: Dark Souls III expansion ‘The Ringed City’ doesn’t hold back

A recent statement made by FromSoftware president Hedetaka Miyazaki has indicated that Dark Souls III could be the final chapter in the series, so forthcoming DLC The Ringed City could be our last chance to dip into the unforgiving world that has been so thoughtfully spun for hardcore gamers these past few years. Of course we are still going to see Dark Souls-esque games, as early as sometime this year even (please be Bloodbourne 2), but for now The Ringed City has some pretty hefty expectations to live up to, being the apex of the divisive and storied franchise. Obviously that means it has to be as difficult and frustrating as possible, to live up to the Dark Souls name of course.... Continue Reading

The 5 best games of April so far, and what we can’t wait to play in May

April is known as a “dry season” month in which very few video games are released. This time of year, the AAA hype train is usually slowing its roll, playing its cards to its chest as E3 looms in the middle-distance. 2016 has been bucking the trend though! March was full of great games! And then April followed up with some amazing games. And now May is promising to be an even BIGGER embarrassment of gaming riches. Here are just a few of our favourites from April so far.
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