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Film Review: Tickled (MA15+) (NZ, 2016) is documentary work at its finest

Seemingly about the fun, bizarre world of an adult sub-culture called ‘Competitive Endurance Tickling’, comes a documentary that takes fast steps sideways, trips down some steep, morbidly dark stairs and leads viewers into the world of abuse, identity theft and cyber bullying. Like so many great documentaries before it, you walk away from Tickled wanting – NO, needing – someone to pay for their actions.
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MIFF Review: Kim A. Snyder’s documentary Newtown (USA, 2016) is a marvel

In December of 2014, a lone gunman walked into an Elementary School in Newtown, Connecticut and shot and killed 20 children and 6 staff members. While most peoples instant response was to condemn the shooter (who killed himself at the scene), many could be forgiven for not instantly considering the parents who lost their sons and daughters. Kim A. Snyder has constructed a chilling documentary in order to shed some light on those most affected by the Sandy Hook Massacre.... Continue Reading

Melbourne International Film Festival Review: 808 (UK, 2015)

Alexander Dunn’s expositional documentary 808 takes its name from the Roland TR-808, one of the first programmable drum machines. Originally manufactured in early 1980 for studio musicians to record demos, the 808 was criticized for its unrealistic drum sound and was likened to the sound of marching ants. However, the snappy, tinny sound of the 808 found its home with emerging, innovative DJs and producers who would come to use, hack and transform the unique beat of the 808 and ultimately shape it into the sound of Hip Hop we know it today.... Continue Reading

Melbourne International Film Festival Review: She’s Beautiful When She’s Angry (USA, 2014)

She’s Beautiful When She’s Angry is a little documentary with a big, important message. It chronicles the second wave of feminism in the United States from 1966-1971. It was a tumultuous time that saw some radical changes. This film is an illuminating one that tackles one key part of a complex social movement.... Continue Reading

Film Review: I Am Big Bird: The Carroll Spinney Story (USA, 2015)

Like the titular feathered character, I am Big Bird: the Carroll Spinney Story is big-hearted, filled with love and curiosity. This documentary by Dave LaMattina and Chad Walker explores the life and times of the man inside the big yellow bird that has been a joyful part of an inestimable number of childhoods over the past forty-odd years since Sesame Street first graced television screens way back in 1969. Despite creating one of the most loved and recognisable characters across the world, Spinney himself is little known outside professional circles. LaMattina and Walker, with the incredible video archive of Spinney and his wife, Debra, at their disposal, set about painting a loving portrait of the man inside the bird.... Continue Reading

Exclusive Interview: Director Clayton Jacobson talks 8K Radius, the film industry and more!

With its launch on Thursday (23 July), the 8K Radius Film Series will be premiering at Lido Cinemas, presented by director Clayton Jacobson and co-presented by the City of Booroondara. The series entails mini-documentaries that showcase the lives of everyday people and takes a look at their lives in the Lido community. Jacobson took the time to answer some questions on 8K Radius, working with cinematographer, Peter Falk and the film industry… Continue reading Exclusive Interview: Director Clayton Jacobson talks 8K Radius, the film industry and more!