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Film Review: God’s Own Country (UK, 2017) is a moody and haunting emotional journey

As easy as it is to liken God’s Own Country to the similarly themed Brokeback Mountain, doing so is only ultimately stripping Francis Lee‘s film of its own identity.  A moody and haunting emotional journey for its protagonists, God’s Own Country is a slow burning, though rewarding drama propelled by a duo of strong performances from relative unknowns Josh O’Connor and Alec Secareanu as farmhands who unexpectedly ignite a passion within each other.... Continue Reading

Film Review: Red Dog: True Blue (PG) (Australia, 2016) hardly proves a necessary excursion

Just as emotionally manipulative as the 2011 original Red Dog but less successful in its execution, Red Dog: True Blue looks to merely survive on a superficial level as the “aww shucks” cuteness of the titular canine appears to be the sole reasoning behind this sequel/prequel hybrid coming to fruition.... Continue Reading

Film Review: The Founder (M15+) (USA, 2016) is an intriguing drama benefitting from Michael Keaton’s performance

Likely to come as a surprise to many that The Founder is less a success story regarding the origins of McDonalds, but more a tale on greed and the value of real estate, John Lee Hancock‘s engaging drama benefits from its stellar central performance from Michael Keaton, continuing the run he so assuredly began with Birdman (2014) and last year’s Spotlight.... Continue Reading

Film Review: Drama (Australia, 2016) offers a hopeful alternative to the usual coming-of-age story

Some people claim they don’t look for drama, that drama looks for them. In Anna’s case, drama’s reared its ugly head in her life in the form a breakup with older man John. She seeks solace and support in her best friend Jean, who lives across the English channel in Paris. Jean welcomes his London-based Aussie expat friend, if only because it provides a distraction from his relationship with Philippe (also older), which is growing more and more serious every day.... Continue Reading