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Film Review: Daft Punk’s Electroma (France, 2006) – Special ACMI Screening

Daft Punk’s 2006 directorial debut Electroma is a step away from previous pop- film collaborations such as Discovery 2003 to a more surreal and conceptual journey. Running for 74 minutes without dialogue, Electroma follows the journey of a robot duo who try to achieve humanness. If there was any doubt that the robots desired to become human, well, they had a rather obvious car plate which read “human”, get the message now? These robots are undoubtedly supposed to represent the duo Daft punk themselves as they wear the silver and gold helmets so recognised with the duo and also don leather jackets studded with “Daft Punk”. And so, the film can sometimes appear to be overly didactic and for such a conceptual and experimental film it definitely does not hesitate to spoon feed audiences, which I found to be a bit counter intuitive. ... Continue Reading