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Gone Before Their Time: The Video Games That Never Made It – Part I

We’ve all felt it before – that crushing disappointment when a gaming project we looked forward to is silently cancelled and abandoned. Most recently, this disappointment was felt with the cancellation of Scalebound, an ambitious and absolutely gorgeous-looking RPG, but video games have a long history of crushing cancelations. Sometimes, games are recycled into new and more exciting forms, but other times all we’re left with is a lingering sense of loss, and a whole heap of wasted potential. From the death of the Fable franchise to brilliant game concepts that never quite got off the ground, join us as we explore the most disappointing cancellations in video games history.... Continue Reading

Fallout Shelter Wants You! PC Release and Update 1.6 out now

Bethesda Softworks has just released Fallout Shelter‘s Update 1.6 for the mobile app. The biggest update to date for the game that has thrust more than 50 million players into the role of Overseer to build their own Vault, manage dwellers, and adventure through Fallout’s iconic wasteland. Continue reading Fallout Shelter Wants You! PC Release and Update 1.6 out now