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TV Review: Fear the Walking Dead Season 3 Episode 4 “100” is the show’s best yet

“100” just may be the best episode Fear the Walking Dead has done to date. Daniel Salazar (Rubén Blades) was always one of the more interesting characters – that isn’t saying much though – in the show, up until the point where the writers made the terrible decision to randomly send him into “crazy” mode and throw a did-he-or-didn’t-he death mystery at us when we last him engulfed in flames. Appearing as the twist to cap of last week’s so-so “TEOTWAWKI”, Salazar brings a lot of promise with his return and so it feels just right giving him a bottle-episode, which Blades carries with aplomb.... Continue Reading

TV Review: Fear the Walking Dead Season 3 Episode 3 “TEOTWAWKI” sheds more light on Broke Jaw Ranch

Last week’s odd decision to kill off the show’s strongest and most interesting character in a very off-hand fashion was a bold move. Fear the Walking Dead’s writing team has to date proven to be inconsistent, impatient and unable to squeeze the horror-survival for all the juicy potential it has, but there have been moments of great strength. ... Continue Reading

TV Review: Fear the Walking Dead makes some bold moves as season three begins

AMC’s Fear the Walking Dead struggled to make much of an impact during its six-episode first season and, though it gave us a strong finale, there were a few plodding narrative choices that felt like a waste of what was already a very limited stretch. One such misstep was the army quarantine and a sizable time leap, introducing us to the writers’ strange habit of popping in threats and squashing them out just as fast; as opposed to The Walking Dead‘s strong point of sticking with a conflict and milking all the nuance and tension out of it before giving us an action-packed explosion. ... Continue Reading

Fear the Walking Dead ready the second half of season two with action-packed trailer

AMC’s Fear the Walking Dead has struggled to find a consistent point of quality one and a half seasons into it’s increasingly undead world. And while television trailers are traditionally manufactured to play on #hype, it is really looking like the spin-off will shake mediocrity in the back of half of season two. Debuted at San Diego Comic-Con, the action-packed trailer for Season 2b is here and provides us with a fairly close look at a very different set of circumstances.... Continue Reading

TV Review: Fear the Walking Dead Episodes 5-7 (USA, 2016)

After a strong fourth episode, “Blood in the Streets”, Fear the Walking Dead made the smart move of getting us off the open water in order to make a big push for season 2, bringing us to Strand’s promised compound in Mexico to deal with the intricacies of death and, surprisingly, split the group into three with a “big”, inexplicable death to top it all off. ... Continue Reading

TV Review: Fear the Walking Dead Season 2 Episode 4 “Blood in the Streets” (USA, 2016)

Let’s just be clear here, this – alongside the Season One finale – is what Fear the Walking Dead needs more of. “Blood in the Streets” was a step in the right direction for the series, which has, for the overwhelming majority, come across as a struggling, stagnant drama that would rely excessively on the slow-burn which worked (at times) on The Walking Dead. Yes, these characters do need time to grow and adapt to the world, but something drastic needs to happen, and this week we got to see the beginnings of that something, breaking up the first three episodes of relative calm on the seas.... Continue Reading

TV Review: Fear the Walking Dead Season 2 Episode 3 “Ouroboros” (USA, 2016)

“Ouroboros” was a substantial step in the right direction for Fear the Walking Dead, picking up the slack that dragged the previous two episodes with another excursion to an island, the introduction of new characters tying in from the Flight 462 webisodes, and the show’s biggest humans-versus-horde piece to date (as opposed to humans-overwhelmed-by-horde in the Season 1 finale with the military being butchered). All these elements worked well through the episode despite characters who are still barely engaging, frustratingly vague with each other, and taking their time accepting what the world is now.... Continue Reading

TV Review: Fear the Walking Dead Season 2 Episode 2 “We All Fall Down” (USA, 2016)

It’s hard to tell when Fear the Walking Dead will start living up to its potential. The tone is there, and the scenes with the infected are deliciously dark and effective, presenting with the kind of horror The Walking Dead took four years to perfect, but these are only small flickers in what is an otherwise relatively dull, plodding show (so far). “We All Fall Down” followed on from the interesting prospect of open-water zombie horror that we saw in last week’s “Monster”, and the cold opening showcased the setting’s strengths as a context for the apocalypse. Watching those walkers slowly pop up from the water and head towards the kids only to be stopped by a protective fence on what would end up being the episode’s anchor, Catalina island, was unnerving – what this show should be aiming for.... Continue Reading