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Interview: Stunt Actor Debbie Evans talks The Fate of The Furious, her time with the Ghostbusters and memories of Paul Walker

My entire life has been a Cinephile dream, I was Born in 1982, started watching films like Ghostbusters 2 when I was not allowed to, I was probably 8, since then I have never turned back! The fact you have been through almost all my favourite films through my life, through everyone’s lives, is absolutely insane, do you ever look back and think, what if I had done something else? Was there anything else you wanted to do before going fulltime into stunt work?... Continue Reading

5 Franchises We’d Like To See Get the Pokémon GO AR Treatment

With Pokémon Go a fully-fledged global phenomenon, even as its myriad recent changes enrage fans, the Augmented Reality genre looks set to explode. We’ve put our heads together and have begun thinking about other brands and franchises we’d like to see get the Augmented Reality treatment. Continue reading 5 Franchises We’d Like To See Get the Pokémon GO AR Treatment

Film Review: Ghostbusters (PG) (USA, 2016)

The 2016 return of Ghostbusters has been copping almost non-stop criticism from the moment it was announced, from its first trailer drop, right up to its theatrical release. Because of this, it’s hard to escape any negative or foreshadowing thought going into this. But upon stepping out of the cinema after the screening finished, I definitely came away thinking the film didn’t quite deserve the vitriol it got.... Continue Reading