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Film Review: Michael Haneke punishes the self-indulgent in Happy End (France/Germany, 2017)

Fans of Michael Haneke and, in particular, his earlier works should take a swift and immediate liking to Happy End and stick with the patient-testing film throughout. It’s a cynical, pointed and rather sharp jab at the hypocrisy, selfishness and tragedy of droll middle-class life; well-made, beautifully acted and painstakingly (sometimes painfully) complex, although the auteur’s characteristic nihilism can be suffocating at times when it’s not grimly mocking and somewhat endearing. The title is a misnomer of course; happiness in a Haneke film is so rare that it feels like the director has re-done 2012’s Armour but squeezed out all the life and empathy out so all he’s left with is a bleak, grey reflection of death and desire.... Continue Reading