Review: Marvel’s Inhumans may be game changing for IMAX, but is it a missed opportunity?

September 1, 2017

At the end of this month, Inhumans, the latest entry into the Marvel Cinematic Universe will kick off as a television series on ABC TV in the US – the home of the successful Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. series, which will enter its fifth season later this year. Today, Inhumans – the third ABC studios series to form part of the MCU, and first since Agent Carter was cancelled last year – made history by becoming the first ever live action series to be filmed entirely with IMAX cameras; the first two episodes debuting on IMAX screens around the world as a 75 minute big screen adventure.... Continue Reading

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Win tickets to see the first two episodes of Marvel’s Inhumans at IMAX Melbourne

August 28, 2017

In a groundbreaking move for the industry, the first two episodes of the new Marvel TV series Inhumans have been filmed entirely with IMAX cameras, and this weekend (from September 1st) they’ll be released exclusively on IMAX screens around the world, almost a month ahead of its premiere on ABC TV in the USA.... Continue Reading

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IMAX to offer exclusive sneak peek footage of Doctor Strange in two Australian cinemas

September 29, 2016

Marvel Studios and IMAX have teamed up together and will be offering 15-minutes of exclusive footage on upcoming and highly-anticipated superhero film Doctor Strange (directed by Scott Derrickson). On October 11th at 6:30PM, two cinema locations across Australia will be showing this footage in 3D. These will be in IMAX 3D at IMAX Melbourne in Victoria and IMAX 3D at Hoyts Entertainment Quarter in Sydney.... Continue Reading

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Win a double pass to see A Beautiful Planet 3D at IMAX Sydney

September 8, 2016

On September 8th IMAX Theatre Sydney, the biggest cinema screen in the world, will release their latest documentary, A Beautiful Planet 3D.... Continue Reading

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First trailer for the ambitious documentary Voyage of Time has been released

August 25, 2016

The upcoming documentary Voyage of Time: Life’s Journey has received is first full length trailer and it looks spectacular.... Continue Reading

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IMAX Darling Harbour to undergo major upgrade

August 25, 2016

IMAX Darling Harbour, home to the world’s biggest cinema screen, will start a program to demolish and rebuild the theatre on September 26th. The existing iconic building will make way for an even more impressive IMAX cinema.... Continue Reading

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Win tickets to IMAX Darling Harbour to see the latest blockbuster Suicide Squad

August 1, 2016

From August 4th, IMAX Darling Harbour will be screening the latest DC Comics blockbuster Suicide Squad. With an all-star cast including Margot Robbie, Will Smith and Jared Leto, Suicide Squad is about a group of supervillains who accept a secret government mission that will likely results in their deaths.... Continue Reading

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Win a double pass to see any film at the world’s largest IMAX in Darling Harbour, Sydney

February 15, 2016

IMAX Darling Harbour has been brining the latest blockbusters to you on the worlds biggest screen. Earlier this month saw the release of Marvel’s Deadpool and next month will see the release of the Divergent Series: Allegiant on March 10 and the long awaited Batman Vs Superman: Dawn of Justice in 3D on March 24th. ... Continue Reading

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IMAX Darling Harbour to be one of 20 cinemas in the world to have the 2D 1570 IMAX film print for Star Wars: The Force Awakens

October 19, 2015

Sydney’s IMAX Cinemas have revealed they will be one of only 20 IMAX Theatre internationally to have the 2D 1570 IMAX film print for the latest film in the Star Wars series, Episode VII: The Force Awakens. It will be the only IMAX cinema in Australia to have the print.... Continue Reading

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IMAX feature favourites to return to the world’s biggest screen in Sydney.

August 24, 2015

IMAX Darling Harbour has announced it will be bringing some of their favourite feature films back to their big (nay, biggest) screen for limited “Blast From The Past” run*.... Continue Reading

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