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Film Review: Insidious Chapter 3 (USA, 2015)

Making the third film in the Insidious series a prequel was the smartest move this franchise could have pulled; a respectable decision that could completely be overshadowed if a fourth one is ever released. Cutting the franchise off as a trilogy would be a good idea; the second Insidious was underwhelming and came nowhere close to matching the excitement and ingenuity of the first, so it’s hard to imagine – assuming the fourth isn’t also a prequel – the story in the second film not become terribly stale.... Continue Reading

Seven Films (and One Special Screening) not to miss in Australian cinemas this July!

July has arrived! And with it are a string of the American blockbusters that usually come with it. But, that won’t stop the variety, with documentaries about famous musicians, a take on the later years of Sherlock Holmes and the return of an Anime classic amongst the films we’re excited to see on the big screen this month…... Continue Reading