Good Game will celebrate their 10th Birthday with a live episode

September 16, 2016

ABC has announced a celebratory live studio episode of the hit Australian gaming show Good Game, which will bring in musical comedians, as well as renowned comedic gamers, to ABC’s Studio 22 in Sydney for the show’s 10th Birthday.

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The ABC is now live streaming all of their channels through iview

July 21, 2016

ABC has become the third Australian Network to offer all of their channels through a live streaming service, joining PLUS7 and 9Now with their comprehensive streaming service iview.... Continue Reading

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ABC’s iView comes to Apple TV

March 8, 2016

Australia’s most popular video on demand service is now available to owners of 4th generation Apple TVs.... Continue Reading

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ABC binges on Luke Warm Sex, starting March 16th

February 28, 2016

ABC’s March line-up is about to get that little bit less conservative (and more sex-positive) with the premiere of six-part series Luke Warm Sex.... Continue Reading

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Five original South Australian film projects to be funded through iView

February 24, 2016

With a joint half a million dollar investment,  the South Australian Film Corporation and ABC TV have funded five South Australian projects.... Continue Reading

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TV Review: DAFUQ? (Australia, 2016) coming to a laptop near you February 15th

February 12, 2016

Perhaps one of ABC’s cheekiest web series yet will be launched on iView next week. In a time of Abbotts and Turnbulls squabbling for that prized coffee mug that says World’s Best Prime Minister and in most circumstances failing, and a time of turmoil and unrest all over the globe a show like DAFUQ? can either be 100% accurate or a disaster. This tongue in cheek poke at the ever-growing trend of citizen journalism, and sometimes just plain lazy journalism, couldn’t be better timed for a launch.... Continue Reading

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You can now stream ABC live on iView

December 1, 2015

Iconic and constantly relevant channel ABC are now making their services available for live streaming on iview, tapping into the demand for better, more convenient access to their programs by computer, smartphone, and tablet users.... Continue Reading

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