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Jewish International Film Festival Review: The Last Laugh (USA, 2016)

Everybody has their own line with respect to what they consider funny versus what is taboo. For some people there is no topic or thing that is off limits while others believe that some subjects – irrespective of the quality of the joke –are in poor taste. The Last Laugh is a documentary that examines all of the different sides to this argument while framing things through the prism that is the Holocaust. This film is ultimately an important conversation and dialogue that poses more questions than it offers answers.... Continue Reading

JIFF Review: In Search Of Israeli Cuisine (USA, 2016) is a joyful celebration of food

If the prospect of Israeli cuisine leaves you hungry to learn more then there is one documentary film for you. In Search of Israeli Cuisine attempts to answer the question, “What is Israeli cuisine?” In doing so it examines a diverse range of different influences and food styles on Israeli food, which ranges from street food and cafes to home cooking and fine dining, plus everything in between. This film will make your mouth water, will leave you wishing smell-o-vision existed and will whet your appetite for more.... Continue Reading

Remember to screen at the Jewish International Film Festival

Umbrella Entertainment has announced their latest project, Remember, will screen at the Jewish International Film Festival’s Holocaust Series, the newly established film series to take place alongside the main JIFF in November. The film stars Academy Award winners Christopher Plummer and Martin Landau, and is directed by Atom Egoyan, making his annual contribution to film.... Continue Reading

The Jewish International Film Festival Announces Line-Up And Dates

In October, the Jewish International Film Festival returns to Sydney, Melbourne, Perth, Gold Coast and New Zealand for a run of dates that will feature 60 international premiere features and documentaries. The festival has become known for showcasing diverse cinema and engaging audiences both from the Jewish community and beyond. Every film, selected by Festival Director, Eddie Tamir, has an Australia premiere. The award-winning programme will showcase works from Belgium, Bulgaria, Canada, France, as well as a range of films from Israel, and more.... Continue Reading