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Film Review: Jigsaw (USA, 2017) attempts to piece together the Saw franchise

Was rebooting the seven-film-deep Saw franchise seven years after the abysmal Saw 3D really necessary? No, not really. The gore-porn films have always been enormously successful despite a substantial drop in quality from the first two entries, so financially there’s little to lose, but the story of the “Jigsaw Killer” really has nothing left to say. This leaves Jigsaw in a rather precarious position, assuming Lionsgate Films wanted this eighth entry to be seen as anything but a sure-fire way to make a profit. From the title it would be reasonable to assume that this an origin story of sorts, falling in-line with the now long-standing trend that has spilled over from artsy superhero films although that’s not necessarily the case here, particularly since there’s plenty of “origin” about Jigsaw already established; instead, the film is much of the same from previous entries, but benefits by scrapping the convoluted thread that spun the original series out of control, bringing the focus back to the curious philosophical underpinnings of Jigsaw’s malicious design.... Continue Reading

Aussies to the rescue: The Spierig Brothers on revitalising the Saw franchise with Jigsaw

The latest instalment in the Saw franchise hits cinemas today – Jigsaw – which is being helmed by the Aussies who brought us the incredible Predestination (among others), The Spierig Brothers. The film currently sits with the best reviews since the original, which of course was directed by another Aussie, James Wan.... Continue Reading