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The Iris’ Sydney Film Festival Awards: Naming the Best of the 2016 Screenings

With a mammoth lineup of over 240 films, this year’s Sydney Film Festival was one of the best efforts yet. From the return of Mel Gibson in Blood Father to the crude-but-evocative absurdism of Swiss Army Man, there was a lot on offer. We’ve compiled our picks for the best of the festival below:... Continue Reading

Sydney Film Festival Review: Land of Mine (Denmark/Germany, 2015)

Defusing an explosive in western cinema is very rarely as tense as it should be. With the exception of brilliant films The Hurt Locker (Kathryn Bigelow) and Gallipoli (Peter Weir), the suspense surrounding characters handling something so volatile, which with the slightest fault could literally blow them apart in an instant, is often suppressed by plot armor and convention. Leave it to famously blunt European cinema to challenge this. Danish* Director Martin Zandvliet has presented us with a taut, highly strung yet somewhat sobering and hopeful drama in Land of Mine, fully fleshing out the suspense and tragedy of a post-WWII landscape.... Continue Reading

Cannes begone, The sixty-third Sydney Film Festival has officially launched its full program

NSW Deputy Premier and Minister for the Arts Troy Grant, besides festival director Nashen Moodley today announced the full program for the Sydney International Film Festival, declaring that the festival would present a staggering 244 films from 60 countries, including 25 World Premieres. This includes 139 Australian premieres (including 13 Australian premiere short films) and three international premieres.... Continue Reading