Liam Hemsworth

Film Review: Independence Day: Resurgence (M15+) (USA, 2016)

June 23, 2016

There’s an extended sequence in Independence Day: Resurgence where an all-powerful queen-bee alien is chasing a Jeff Goldblum-driven school bus across the desert, somehow finding itself unable to keep up with his wild driving skills despite swatting down fighter-jets only moments earlier with unspoiled precision. It’s one of the many moments this large, loud sequel offers without a hint of gravity and, honestly, it’s what makes this film so much damn fun. Refusing to take itself seriously by likening itself to its 20 year-old predecessor, Resurgence thrives on its penchant for nostalgia.... Continue Reading

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Liam Hemsworth is the fourth ever Australian to be honoured with a TCL Chinese Theatre hand and footprint ceremony

October 16, 2015

It’s one of Hollywood’s most iconic landmarks – the world’s biggest stars getting their handprints and footprints placed in cement out the front of the TCL Chinese Theatre on Hollywood Blvd. And later this month, the stars of the massive Hunger Games series will be added to the list “reserved for Hollywood’s biggest luminaries”. And alongside Jennifer Lawrence and Josh Hutcherson will be Josh Taylor from Neighbours – Australia’s very own Liam Hemsworth.... Continue Reading

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Liam Hemsworth and the cast of The Dressmaker coming to Melbourne for Australian premiere

September 8, 2015

On Sunday 18th October at Village Cinemas Crown in Melbourne, the cast of new comedy-drama The Dressmaker will be on hand at a red carpet premiere. The impressive line-up includes Liam Hemsworth and co-stars Judy Davis, Hugo Weaving, and Sarah Snook. What’s more is that the highly acclaimed filmmaking team will also be in attendance, including Director Jocelyn Moorhouse, Producer Sue Maslin, and bestselling author Roaslie Ham, who wrote the film’s source material of the same name.... Continue Reading

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Trailer released for new Australian based film The Dressmaker

July 14, 2015

A trailer for the new Universal Pictures film, The Dressmaker, has just dropped – and it looks amazing. Starring Kate Winslet, Liam Hemsworth, Judy David, Sarah Snook and Hugo Weaving, The Dressmakeris set in 1950’s Australia and filmed entirely in Victoria. It’s a bittersweet comedy-drama about love, revenge, and haute couture.

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