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Review: Netflix’s second season of LOVE rarely delivers a dull moment in its earnest adventure through modern romance

The first season of Judd Apatow‘s LOVE wasn’t the most hyped series of Netflix’s roster, but regardless it proved a refreshing take on what a romantic comedy series could be. For the most part, it leaned away from the tropes and kept the focus not on this idealised way we expect romance to be, but on how it more often-than-not manifests in our own world. In a world where romance-driven series often fall on cliche, LOVE felt not just a little different but different enough to find its groove.... Continue Reading

Netflix Announces 2016 TV Lineup

Streaming giant Netflix has unleashed a barrage of details on what to expect from it in 2016, outlining some of the new and returning series the service will make available over the next nine months. ... Continue Reading

Sydney Underground Film Festival Review: Love (France/Belgium, 2015)

Gaspar Noé has proven himself an imaginative auteur, highly capable of and fiercely loyal to surreal, experimental cinema. He shocked with the unforgettable Irreversible and warped minds with the visually satisfying Enter the Void – undoubtedly his two most famous works – but now he seeks to add a more tender, sentimental touch with Love. Not to be confused for a 3D porno, the film is an exploration of love’s disjointed trajectory and the psychological dispair that can follow, allowing Noé to deliver something a bit more positive than the aforementioned.... Continue Reading