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9 things we learnt from George Miller and the Mad Max: Fury Road co-writers at GRAPHIC Festival

When the fiery orange dust settles at the end of 2015, Mad Max: Fury Road will undoubtedly be named as one of the biggest and most notable cinematic triumphs of the year. The revival of the classic 80’s film franchise may have come after over a decade of false-starts and meticulous planning, but fans and critics around the world embraced it almost instantly, praising not only George Miller’s stunning direction, but the contribution each and every cast member made; not least how well written and densely layered with social criticism and commentary the film was.... Continue Reading

Video Games Review: Mad Max (PS4, 2015)

I’ve been thinking for a few days now about how I was going to approach my Mad Max review. I’ve found it an incredibly difficult game to review, for a number of reasons. It lacks the punch of Mad Max Fury Road and the vision of Shadow of Mordor. But it’s not bad. In fact, Mad Max is the most average game that I just seem to keep playing. Continue reading Video Games Review: Mad Max (PS4, 2015)

Warner Bros. Releases TV Commercial for Upcoming Mad Max Game

Warner Bros. Interactive Entertainment has released a TV spot showcasing the chaotic, action-packed open-world game, Mad Max, based on the film franchise of the same name. The game is set in the savage post-apocalyptic Wasteland where cars are the key to survival. Players take on the role of Mad Max, a lone warrior and reluctant hero, who must embark on a journey to build the ultimate war vehicle and leave the madness behind. You can pre-order Mad Max from participating Australian retailers to receive The Ripper, a fully upgradable Magnum Opus car body. Check out the trailer below:... Continue Reading

Gamescom 2015: Mad Max gets a new trailer, still not much gameplay

Avalanche Studios’ upcoming Mad Max game looks to be a very pretty and cinematic experience. The latest trailer for the game is no exception, featuring everything we definitely want to see from a Mad Max game but is again missing a crucial element – significant gameplay. Continue reading Gamescom 2015: Mad Max gets a new trailer, still not much gameplay