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Interview: Star of The Greasy Strangler Elizabeth De Razzo talks about the “greasiest film of the year”

The Greasy Strangler is definitely one of the more whackier films of this years Monster Fest, if not in cinematic history. Today we interviewed the incredibly sweet Elizabeth De Razzo, who plays Janet in the film and is down under for the festival, to discuss the “greasiest film of the year”.... Continue Reading

Monster Fest Film Review: The Greasy Strangler (USA, 2016) is… undeniably original

Sometimes when you review movies, you’ll occasionally take something that you had no clue existed, and upon watching it, you’ll only be left with more questions. The Greasy Strangler is one of those movies. It’s the type of film that you tell your friends to watch, if only to have someone to go to therapy with. ... Continue Reading

Melbourne’s Monster Fest announces first wave of Feature Film titles

Following the announcement of Monster Fest’s Gory opening film RAW, the Melbourne festival has announced its first wave of feature titles, including, the Australian Premiere of action drama Free Fire, and homicidal horror The Autopsy of Jane Doe.  As well as the world premiere of comedy horror Mondo Yakuza,  and a digital restoration of the 1988 sci-fi film On the Silver Globe.... Continue Reading