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Film Review: Paris Can Wait (USA, 2016) proves a dull exercise of endurance

When it comes to names in the film industry, none are more venerable than that of the Coppola’s. Illustriously crafting some of the greatest films in history, from Francis exalting works such as Apocalypse Now to The Godfather and more recently with his daughter’s Sofia success at Cannes with The Beguiled, the name brings an expectation of success. And perhaps it is unfair that that imminent conjecture is present in the directorial debut of Eleanor Coppola with Paris Can Wait. Which in itself is frustratingly blasé. Illuminated by it’s sparse screenplay that plays like a watered down Woody Allen impersonation, Paris Can Wait is a romance drama that severely lacks chemistry and minimal story progression. Making for a highly underwhelming debut.... Continue Reading

Sydney Film Festival Review: A Modern Man (Denmark/Germany, 2017) leaves you asking, “Who is Charlie Siem?”

A Modern Man is a documentary about a handsome, contemporary classical violinist named Charlie Siem. But who is Messer Siem? Unfortunately that question is not really answered in this film because this British-Norwegian musician puts up a wall that is largely impenetrable.... Continue Reading

Film Review: Below Her Mouth (Canada, 2016) is a steamy lesbian love story

Put in simple terms, Below Her Mouth is a story about a girl meets a girl except that the latter is engaged to a boy. It’s a tender lesbian romance that showcases the sexual awakening of one of its lead characters. But it’s also one that could do with a lot more conversation and a little less action, because these two lovers get very busy to the point that they do very little else.... Continue Reading

Film Review: Collateral Beauty (USA, 2016) wastes a phenomenal cast

With Christmas time comes awards season, and every so often a film comes along that attempts to tackle both markets – deliver a heartfelt drama set around the holidays that will bring people into the cinema after they’ve finished exchanging gifts; while voters cast the film on their award season ballot. Such a forced ploy rarely works and it won’t surprise you that this year’s attempt, Collateral Beauty, is no different.... Continue Reading

DVD Review: Take Down (USA/UK, 2016) is a contrived thriller that tries too hard to be Brat Camp meets Hunger Games

Take Down (aka Billionaire Ransom) is what you would get if you made cardboard cut-outs characters and put them in a world that was like Brat Camp-meets-The Hunger Games. The film is a thriller that is short on character development and suspense. It means that what ensues feels rather slow, tedious and contrived.... Continue Reading

DVD Review: Knock Knock (USA, 2015)

It’s a real shame that Keanu Reeves opted to follow-up his acclaimed actioner John Wick with Knock Knock, a deliriously campy, sexed-up thriller that could quite possibly be the most embarrassing feature Reeves has had the displeasure of involving himself with. Toeing the camp line is always a risk with any given actor but, let’s face it, Reeves isn’t always the strongest player and Knock Knock unfortunately highlights his weaker abilities as a genre performer.... Continue Reading

Film Review: Scouts Guide to the Zombie Apocalypse (USA, 2015)

Scouts Guide to the Zombie Apocalypse Director Christopher Landen is perhaps best known for writing four back-to-back films in the now thankfully defunct (apparently) Paranormal Activity franchise (he also directed The Marked Ones). Knowing that, you’d be forgiven for going into this horror-comedy with low expectations, even when considering the film’s title and trailer. It’s not so much that Landen comes with a bad track record (Paranormal Activity 2 and 3 are decent films) but he has already shown a gross lack of originality, and when tackling a genre that has cannibalised itself right down to the tendons, that’s a very, very big warning sign. ... Continue Reading