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Opinion: We just don’t get as long to review games as we used to

I have a confession to make: I was wrong about a game I reviewed last year. Given that my judgement is understood to be both unassailably correct and final as if etched in granite, know that I am as shocked as you are. But how does something like that happen? I’m a critic – shouldn’t I be completely sure of my opinion on a game before I even start writing anything? Yes, absolutely. But for many in games media, the window between review copies arriving and a game’s release date has never been shorter. There are a number of reasons for this and, far from having a whinge about it, I’d like to lay it out clearly so that you know how these things can happen. Continue reading Opinion: We just don’t get as long to review games as we used to

The Iris Opinion: Warner Bros’ reaction to trailer leaks is bizarre and fan-hostile

Marvel Studios and Warner Bros. have very different opinions on what makes a good superhero movie. To date, Marvel’s formula has worked out a lot better for them than Warner’s, but then again the WB is only now getting the ball rolling on their DC Cinematic Universe. On the topic of how successful Warner’s strategy will be, time is still going to tell.... Continue Reading