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The five biggest and best trailer reveals from San Diego Comic-Con

Another Comic-Con, another year of rumours, superstars and a whole lot of trailers. Over the last handful of years, Comic-Con has summated itself as the prestige event when it comes to inviting us to unchartered blockbuster worlds. This year has proved no different, with a plethora of trailers to salivate over with a slew of upcoming releases. And with over seventeen trailers released covering both film and television, here at The Iris we are going to run down the five best trailer reveals in the domain of film, beginning with number five.... Continue Reading

Special Comic-Con footage of Justice League and trailer for The Lego Batman Movie finally released online

Making their debuts a couple of days ago, this year’s event of  San Diego’s Comic-Con International  showcased exclusive content from upcoming films Justice League and The Lego Batman Movie.  With such a strong fandom for both films, both video clips on YouTube have already reached millions of views, with fans excitedly sharing their thoughts on each video.... Continue Reading

We get our first look at Guy Richie’s King Arthur: Legend of the Sword

There’s been King Arthurs before and there will probably be King Arthurs to come, but how many of them will have Guy Ritchie in the director’s seat? If you were wondering how the man who made Lock, Stock and Two Smoking Barrels would take on a tale from the 6th century, San Diego Comic Con has given you your first chance to find out.... Continue Reading

Watch the Comic Con trailer for Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them

The latest trailer for Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them debuted at San Diego Comic Con over the weekend and it looks like the magic hasn’t been lost. Set for its November release, the latest opus from J. K.  Rowling looks every bit as Hogwarts (and maybe a tad Peaky Blinders) as the series that came before it.... Continue Reading

Sherlock gives us a sneak peak of Season Four; will premiere exclusively in Australia on Stan

Fans of Sherlock have been waiting a while for the fourth series – though were given brief joy with the show’s “Christmas Special” that premiered at the start of the year in Sherlock: The Abominable Bride. Well, 2017 will be when we finally get that fourth series, and earlier this morning at San Diego Comic-Con, the first teaser for the series premiered and it’s looking dark… while we’re promised that “something’s coming”.... Continue Reading

Watch the Wonder Woman trailer that debuted at San Diego Comic Con

The way Warner Bros. and DC Films have approached the DC Cinematic Universe has been something of the opposite of how Marvel established their Universe. This means that though the “origin” film is yet to come, we’ve already met Wonder Woman, played by Gal Galdot. Those playing at home will remember that she debuted in this year’s successful, but critically underwhelming Batman vs Superman. But this served as but a teaser for her stand-alone film, due out next year. Its first trailer made an appearance at San Diego Comic-Con over the weekend, and you can watch it here:... Continue Reading

Fear the Walking Dead ready the second half of season two with action-packed trailer

AMC’s Fear the Walking Dead has struggled to find a consistent point of quality one and a half seasons into it’s increasingly undead world. And while television trailers are traditionally manufactured to play on #hype, it is really looking like the spin-off will shake mediocrity in the back of half of season two. Debuted at San Diego Comic-Con, the action-packed trailer for Season 2b is here and provides us with a fairly close look at a very different set of circumstances.... Continue Reading

The Walking Dead‘s Season 7 trailer is here to provide you with no answers, Ezekiel, and a tiger

The Walking Dead fans are either still reeling from the Season 6 finale’s vague cliffhanger, or are confident they know who was on the receiving end of Negan’s bloody barb-wired baseball bat/inanimate love interest. One things for sure though, we’re all holding out for a definitive answer, as soul-crushing as the reveal may be. Fan theories have consistently held onto the tension from February, and undoubtedly the investigation will intensify now that the long-awaited trailer for Season 7 is here.... Continue Reading

The actress set to play Captain Marvel is revealed at San Diego Comic-Con

Quite a few names have been floating around in recent months as to the actress who would be cast in the iconic role of Captain Marvel, for Marvel’s stand-alone Cinematic Universe (MCU) film of the same name. One of these names has been Academy Award winner Brie Larson (Room) and this weekend at San Diego Comic-Con it was confirmed that she would take on the character for the film, expected to be released in March 2019.... Continue Reading