Simon Stone

Film Review: The Daughter (Australia, 2016)

March 21, 2016

The Daughter brings together an incredible Australian cast with Director and Writer Simon Stone, who penned the Belvoir adaptation and marks his screen debut debut here, as did Cowell with Guthrie. The 1884 Norwegian play has been transformed here into an Australian family drama (though the duck, naturally, remains present), set on the NSW South Coast, focusing on a family and a town who face changes and revelations after one of their main job sources – a timber company run by Walter (Geoffery Rush) and his family for over a century – is forced to close, at the same time as Rush is set to remarry, bringing his American son Christian (Paul Schneider) back from America and setting off a series of events that will bring to light the film’s purposeful title.... Continue Reading

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Exclusive Interview: Director Simon Stone on moving from stage to screen with The Daughter

March 7, 2016

Last year, the breathtaking Australian film The Daughter made its debut at the Sydney Film Festival, and later this month, the film is finally seeing the wide release it deserves (read our interviewer’s four and a half star review of the film HERE).... Continue Reading

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Simon Stone, Odessa Young & Ewen Leslie to appear at Sydney and Melbourne Q&A sessions for The Daughter

January 30, 2016

Writer and director Simon Stone and actors Odessa Young (Looking For Grace) and Ewen Leslie (Dead Leslie) will be appearing in the Q&A sessions for their new film, The Daughter. The sessions will be moderated by film critic David Stratton and film and media editor Michael Bodey, with  preview screenings being held at Palace Verona, Sydney and Palace Cinema Como, Melbourne.... Continue Reading

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