Tech Review: Sony WF-SP700N – great sound, perfect noise cancelling, terrible battery life

July 25, 2018

Ever since Apple released the Airpods in December of 2016, there’s been a steady increase in number of big-ticket, fully wireless ear buds coming to market. With the Internet of Things steadily spreading toward more casual adopters of technology, and Bluetooth technology improving year on year, it’s become necessary for these devices to enter the […]

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PlayStation turns Detroit: Become Human helper android loose in Sydney, Australians predictably alarmed

May 26, 2018

Quantic Dream’s newest cinematic, choice-based adventure title Detroit: Become Human hit store shelves this week. Adored by our reviewer and reviled by others, the game was always going to be a polarising one. To capitalise on the hype surrounding the game and its story about humans treating androids as awfully as they treat each other, […]

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ANZ photographers take home photography gongs at the Sony Alpha Awards

May 1, 2018

The Sony Alpha Awards, an annual competition celebrating the best in Australian and New Zealand photography, has named this year’s prize winning artists and pieces.

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Newest Venom trailer reveals the monster within

April 30, 2018

Be afraid. the newest trailer for the upcoming Sony/Marvel Cinematic Universe film Venom has graced our screens, and boy does it pack a horrific, symbiotic punch.... Continue Reading

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Tech Review: Sony HT-MT300 Soundbar: Phenomenal cosmic power, itty bitty living space

April 10, 2018

For a company like Sony to release a soundbar isn’t terribly surprising — every electronics maker and their Google Assistant speaker’s got one these days. What is surprising is the amount of forethought, of user consideration that has gone into Sony’s HT-MT300 soundbar. It’s thought about space, its thought about features, its thought about potential […]

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Tech Review: Sony KD-65A1 OLED 65″ TV: This is heavy

April 9, 2018

You know you’re in for a bit of a ride when the courier delivering the television you’ve been sent to review complains about the weight of the box. His complaint was fair — Sony’s A1 OLED, contrary to most modern panels, weighs an absolute ton. But is it worth its weight in picture quality?

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Tech Review: Sony RX10 IV is the King of Bridge Cameras

March 9, 2018

Sony’s RX10 IV was released back in October 2017, but even nearly six months later it remains the reigning King of Bridge Cameras with its 24-600mm zoom range, lightning-fast autofocus and 20.1 megapixel sensor.

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Tech Review: Sony WI-1000X Wireless Noise Cancelling Headphones: Plane weird

March 5, 2018

I frequently argue in my headphone reviews that the look, the exterior design of a particular kit is rarely terribly important to me. If a pair of headphones sound great, I’m usually happy to wear them  no matter how hideous they may be. Sony’s WI-1000X Wireless Noise Cancelling Headphones have broken my resolve. They do […]

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Tech Review: Sony WH-1000XM2 Wireless Noise Cancelling Headphones: The real deal

March 5, 2018

I can be prickly when reviewing headphones. I try not to be, but as the son of a musician I was raised in a home where good quality sound was considered very important and its an expectation I’ve never been able to shake in adulthood. I expect a lot from my headphones, even the cheap […]

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Tech Review: Sony LF-S50G Google Assistant Built-in Wireless Speaker: It’s a kind of magic

February 26, 2018

With voice assistant speakers now creating a stir in the market with Amazon’s Alexa, Apple’s Home Pod and more, it was only a matter of time before the Google Assistant wave arrived. Arrive it has, and Sony is leading the charge with their LF-S50G Wireless Speaker.

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