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Feature: In Star Trek Discovery, I still don’t know who the villains are

People are talking about how Discovery is a fresh take on the Star Trek formula, and I’d have to agree, though whether it’s better than the others remains to be seen. Taking place ten years before The Original Series (TOS, to fans), and settled snugly within the prime timeline, Discovery has been planted in fertile ground. It sets about addressing a huge part of Star Trek lore: how did The Federation and the Klingon Empire come to such an impasse? Why are they fighting all the time? And can replicators synthesise decent blueberries?... Continue Reading

CBS confirms Star Trek: Discovery will feature a female lead.

CBS has announced that Star Trek: Discovery will have a female lead, Variety confirmed. CBS Television Studios, who are producing the latest series, are still in the process of casting the lead role. Variety confirmed that the female lead will “not necessarily be a captain.” Though no one has been official cast in the role, Executive Producer Bryan Fuller is expected to provide further details at the Television Critics Association summer press tour.... Continue Reading