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Suicide Squad 2 aiming for a 2018 production start, according to Joel Kinnaman

One could be forgiven for not recollecting that on financial figures, Warner Bros and DC’s anti-hero blockbuster Suicide Squad was an immense commercial success. On the critical spectrum, the film was lambasted by critics and director David Ayer even expressed his own regrets on the final product. However, the film that brought a collective of DC’s most prominent villains (and Slipknot) to the silver screen pocketed a more than profitable $745 million at the worldwide box office. Despite the less than warm reception, Suicide Squad was able to illuminate a clear desire from audiences to see this property expand, and little time has been wasted on placing a sequel in active development. Now, star Joel Kinnaman has provided an update on the intended start date for Suicide Squad 2 to make a tentative 2019 release.... Continue Reading

Australian Box Office Report: Suicide Squad remains on top, Bourne slides to 4th place

Mixed reviews and Jared Leto critiques be gone, because Suicide Squad remains firmly in first place on the Australian Box Office report.  Whilst it didn’t do as well in its second week against its unbelievable performance in its opening week (where it earned AU $13,904,557), its takings of AU$5.9 million mean that it’s stronger than Jason Bourne’s second week on the charts.  Suicide Squad‘s takings in its opening fortnight, however, at AU$23.1 million, sit behind only Deadpool and Captain America: Civil War as the biggest opening fortnight releases for the year so far.... Continue Reading

Australian Box Office Report: Yep, Suicide Squad smashed its opening weekend

OK, as we’ve already reported on Suicide Squad breaking opening day box office records, it should be no surprise that it sits at the top of the leaderboard on the Australian Box Office , knocking rogue former CIA agent Jason Bourne off the number one spot after just one week. Suicide Squad made a massive AU $13,904,557 since its release last week, which is 55% of the top 20 box office takings.... Continue Reading

Film Review: Suicide Squad (M) (USA, 2016)

The DC Comics Extended Universe (aka DCEU) has a bit of catching up to do if it wants to level up to its competitor Marvel. Even though DC has some of the more renowned superheroes in its deck of cards – Superman and Batman being two aces – it hasn’t had as much luck with its film adaptations recently of those characters. So taking a gamble, they opted to go with showcasing some villains instead. The result is Suicide Squad, a film about the worst of the worst who thankfully turn out to be the best choice. Continue reading Film Review: Suicide Squad (M) (USA, 2016)