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Sydney Film Festival Film Review: Miss Sharon Jones! (USA, 2015)

Sharon Jones isn’t a household name, nor an artist with a breakout radio hit. But those who do know of her and her talent, will attest to her brilliance. She has been likened to a female James Brown, belting out soul and funk tunes and thrashing and shimmying like a pint sized Tina Turner. However this biopic documentary is less a music doco and more a very intimate look behind the scenes into Sharon Jones’ battle against cancer.... Continue Reading

Sydney Film Festival Review: Europe, She Loves (Sweden, 2015)

If there’s anything that sticks with you the most about Jan Gassmann’s latest documentary effort Europe, She Loves, it’s the striking cinematography. A surprisingly intimate look into the emotions and lives of five couples across Europe, the film never really looks, nor feels, like a documentary. It wears its authenticity with pride, inviting you to engage and connect with a snapshot of modern European identity politics.... Continue Reading

Sydney Film Festival Film Review: Swiss Army Man (M, USA, 2016)

Simply put, Swiss Army Man is a story about how a man, whilst lost and trapped on an island, befriends a seemingly magical corpse in order to find his way back to civilisation. However, this film is far more than that, it’s an examination of a multitude of themes. A comedy, a drama,a tale of friendship and survival despite the odds. Although if you find farting and fart jokes disgusting, then this definitely isn’t the film for you.... Continue Reading