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Canon Announce 3 New Cameras and a Seriously Nifty Flash

After all the talk of Canon’s innovation (or lack thereof) over the past year, this afternoon they’re bringing us news of four new pieces of tech – two of which have me convinced they’ve been working hard to stay on top of the game. With one new mirrorless body, the EOS M50; two new entry-level D-SLRs, the EOS 3000D and EOS 1500D; and a brand new flash unit, the Speedlite 470EX-AI. You probably wouldn’t believe me if I told you the flash is what has me most excited … but it’s true. Just you wait. Continue reading Canon Announce 3 New Cameras and a Seriously Nifty Flash

Tech Review: Canon’s EOS M100: Not Just for Lazy Hipsters

When I first took the EOS M100 out of the box, I was dubious. I saw a top switch with only three auto settings and no manual exposure options apparent, and I thought “what’s the point of a camera compatible with Canon’s full range of mirrorless lenses, but no manual exposure controls? Who would invest almost $900 in what’s essentially a fancy point-and-shoot camera – lazy hipsters?!” But once I took a look through the manual, and the more I used it, the more it surprised me – the M100 ticks all the boxes for both the keen enthusiast who wants a light and convenient kit to carry, and the happy snapper who wants amazing photos without necessarily having to learn how to “work” a camera. This is actually the perfect camera for your mum.

Continue reading Tech Review: Canon’s EOS M100: Not Just for Lazy Hipsters

Popular tech vlogger and “Queen of Shitty Robots” Simone Giertz signs with Australian label

Robotics is still a complicated and often overwhelming concept to some people, but turning it into a playful, accessible, and downright bizarre field is increasingly sweeping the globe in part thanks to world-renowned Youtube Simone Giertz, dubbed “The Queen of Shitty Robots”. The Swedish inventor has created robots to feed her cereal, robots to help her argue on the internet, even a damn robotic popcorn helment…for some reason. This next level geekery has steady been attracting thousands of followers to Giertz’s Youtube channel, has landed her on The Ellen Show, and even led to a collaboration with Adam Savage (Mythbusters) on his new project, “Tested”.... Continue Reading

Technology Review: Olixar Qi-Tone Alarm Clock Bluetooth Qi Charging Speaker

As technological change continues to increase at an exponential rate, more and more gadgets are crossing paths with smart phone technology, with convenient wireless charging now a primary consideration. In the past, such gadgets have focused on functionality and really sacrificed aesthetic, but now that the technology has become more focused, there are gadgets out there able to balance primary purpose with the a consumer’s desire for a product that actually looks good and would fit in numerous room design schemes. Enter the Olixar Qi-Tone Alarm Clock, a worthwhile option when thinking about wireless charging devices that also serve other purposes.... Continue Reading