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Film Review: Fist Fight (USA, 2017) has solid storytelling, but otherwise falters

If there’s one thing everybody can say about this film, it is that the film is punchy. Studio comedies have been very underwhelming the past few years, especially from studios like Warner Brothers (the less said about Hot Pursuit, the better), regardless of the comedic talent involved.... Continue Reading

Blu-Ray review: Morgan (MA15+) (USA, 2016) is well-intentioned, though not entirely successful

A well-intentioned, though not entirely successful debut venture from Luke Scott (son of Alien director Ridley Scott, for those of you playing along at home) Morgan is more a shallow version of Ex-Machina than the slick sci-fi character study it so clearly desires to be.... Continue Reading

Film Review: Gold (USA, 2017) roots for the underdog but takes itself too seriously

When you take an idea like the story of a dreamer, and mash it together with a cautionary tale about the wolves of Wall Street and big business. With your lead character as that grizzled underdog type, and have it all based loosely on a true story the result you get is Gold.... Continue Reading

Film Review: Underworld: Blood Wars (MA15+, USA, 2016) misses its opportunity to reinvigorate the franchise

The Underworld franchise has had its fair share of ups and downs. The first film is considered a fantasy horror thriller vampire/werewolf classic. Heralded for its BAMF female protagonist and thought out vampire/werewolf mythology story, the films that followed in its wake had a lot to live up to.... Continue Reading

TV Review: The Walking Dead Season 7 Episode 5 “Go Getters” sees a lack of any real tension

If last week’s “Service” showed me anything it was that the very excellent Jeffrey Dean Morgan is turning in an uncharacteristically dull performance as Negan. There’s something about having pretty much the same cadence for every single darkly jolly line that starts to get dull after awhile, so it was nice to leave him behind for an episode while still getting a dose of The Saviours and their overbearing ways.... Continue Reading

Film Review: Me Before You (USA, 2016)

Even at just a surface level, Me Before You feels like a movie that’s just ticking boxes than it is engaging heartstrings. You’ve got three big franchise stars (from Game of Thrones, Doctor Who and The Hunger Games, respectively), a picturesque British backdrop and premise that all-but-guarantees a tragic end. However, it never really feels like the film is genuinely leveraging these assets – just exploiting them.... Continue Reading

Sydney Film Festival Review: I Saw The Light (USA, 2015)

I Saw The Light is the new feature film from second time director Marc Abraham, focusing on the short life and influential career of iconic American musician Hank Williams. It’s not the first time Williams’ story has found its home on the big screen, but it’s the first major take since 1964’s Your Cheatin’ Heart, starring George Hamilton in the lead role. British actor Tom Hiddleston (Thor, The Night Manager) plays the part here, alongside Elizabeth Olsen as his first wife Audrey, Bradley Whitford as his publisher Fred Rose and an extensive supporting cast.... Continue Reading

TV Review: Fear the Walking Dead Season 2 Episode 2 “We All Fall Down” (USA, 2016)

It’s hard to tell when Fear the Walking Dead will start living up to its potential. The tone is there, and the scenes with the infected are deliciously dark and effective, presenting with the kind of horror The Walking Dead took four years to perfect, but these are only small flickers in what is an otherwise relatively dull, plodding show (so far). “We All Fall Down” followed on from the interesting prospect of open-water zombie horror that we saw in last week’s “Monster”, and the cold opening showcased the setting’s strengths as a context for the apocalypse. Watching those walkers slowly pop up from the water and head towards the kids only to be stopped by a protective fence on what would end up being the episode’s anchor, Catalina island, was unnerving – what this show should be aiming for.... Continue Reading