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Photo Gallery: unREAL gets a dose of reality at the Sydney Bachelor mansion premiere

Last night in Sydney, Stan held a special premiere event for the third season of their exclusive series unREAL, a show which takes place in the often bizarre world of dating reality shows. In a stroke of genius, the streaming service took a page from the book of the series and invited Sydney’s finest (including a healthy dose of reality stars) to soak it all up in the actual Bachelor Australia mansion. Nathan Atkins was there and brings us back these photos from the red carpet.... Continue Reading

TV First Impressions: UnReal (USA, 2015)

A clever takedown of reality TV and how superficial both on-screen and off-screen they can, UnReal is the latest catch from subscription service Stan and it has been receiving rave reviews from left, right, and centre. The excellent Constance Zimmer plays Quinn King, the boss of a The Bachelor-esque show behind-the-scenes, relying heavily on her masterful producer Rachel (Shiri Appleby) to essentially manipulate contestants to make for good TV.... Continue Reading

SXSW TV Premiere Review: UnREAL Season 1, Episode 1 (USA, 2015)

UnReal is a TV series that will appeal to fans of Frontline or Ben Elton’s Chart Throb or Dead Famous books. The series looks at the chaotic world of filming a fictional reality dating program. It’s an insightful and honest account of the depths of manipulation that are employed by a reality show’s production staff in order to create drama and make interesting television.... Continue Reading