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Games Review: The Inpatient (PSVR, 2018): Give me the bad news, doc

The Inpatient for PlayStation VR is a psychological horror game designed by Supermassive Games, who were the minds behind the awesome PS4 exclusive Until Dawn and is set 60 years before that aforementioned title. Those merits alone will sell the game to VR enthusiasts and horror buffs such as myself. After the VR games Resident Evil 7 and Supermassive’s own Rush of Blood, the bar was left high for Supermassive Games second VR title The Inpatient. Continue reading Games Review: The Inpatient (PSVR, 2018): Give me the bad news, doc

We chat to Michael Denny, Senior Vice President of Sony Interactive Entertainment Worldwide Studios Europe

Michael Denny is the head of the Worldwide Studios game development operations in Europe (of which Australia is included) and manages all internal studios and externally developed first party productions. On the day that PlayStation announced Australians had consumed1 billion hours on gameplay, streaming and entertainment over October 2016 – October 2017, we spoke to Michael about future PlayStation releases, how he views the Australian gaming market and the future of PlayStation VR.... Continue Reading

Video Games Review: Until Dawn (PS4, 2015)

With the exception of some of Telltale’s back catalogue, the “interactive movie” style of game has never really been my cup of tea. I didn’t like Heavy Rain and Beyond: Two Souls barely made a dent. Thus, I went into my review of Supermassive Games’ Until Dawn with no small amount of skepticism. Despite my preconceptions, or perhaps because of them, I found Until Dawn to be an extremely pleasant surprise. Continue reading Video Games Review: Until Dawn (PS4, 2015)

Video Game First Impressions: Until Dawn (PS4, 2015)

Years in development, the latest project from Supermassive Games may be very well prove their defining hit. Developed exclusively for Playstation 4, Until Dawn shuffles into the same category of interactive cinema games like Heavy Rain with a rich, textured narrative that is well thought out, driven by character dynamics, and terrifyingly immersive. What’s more is that this looks to be the first major game in history to successfully adapt from the ever-popular slasher film genre.... Continue Reading