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Games Review: WWE 2K18: (PS4, 2017) throws a folding chair in the face of good design

Three things are certain in life: death, taxes and WWE 2K games. As each year rolls around, gamers are presented with yet another WWE game with a fresh lick of paint, a new set of moves and a couple of newer wrestlers here and there. Given the trend, you’d expect 2K would pull out all the stops to present players with a new and inviting experience that’s bound to drag them away from last year’s offering. Unfortunately, if you’re looking for any kind of vast improvement, 2K18 presents little of the sort, and in many cases, is content to repeat the mistakes of its predecessors. Continue reading Games Review: WWE 2K18: (PS4, 2017) throws a folding chair in the face of good design

WWE Live: Sydney Is A Smashing Good Time

For those who’ve yet to experience WWE Live, it can described in few words – an absolutely smashing time, in more ways than one. Having attended past events, I knew what I was in for when the lovely folks at 2K Games invited me along to enjoy the show in Sydney this past Friday, but that absolutely didn’t stop me from enjoying the spectacle wholeheartedly. In fact, I would posit that this year’s experience was far superior to the last, despite what I perceived to be a lesser card. Gone were the over-the-top slapstick antics of 2016, replaced by solid, fun wrestling matches that had the crowd cheering, screaming and booing all throughout the night. Continue reading WWE Live: Sydney Is A Smashing Good Time

Ten things we learned from our evening with John Cena

This week, the The Iris had the pleasure of spending a night listening to the brilliantly told stories of WWE superstar, rising actor and rapper, John Cena. From his humble start in life, to the determination of his youth and eventually, his success within the professional wrestling world, Cena recounted tales about his struggle towards success, the opportunities he was given, and the ways he forged his own path. Throughout the evening, we learned a lot about Cena, his childhood, and his greatest influences. Here’s the most interesting things we discovered.... Continue Reading