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Here are your free Xbox Games with Gold titles for April

April 4, 2018

Another month, another collection of free games for Xbox Live subscribers. This month’s offerings, from puzzlers to survival horror, are once again doing their best to offer a little something for everyone. Hit the jump for the list.

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More Xbox 360 games are now backwards compatible, Xbox One X Enhanced

February 28, 2018

Xbox have announced today that a handful of fresh Xbox 360 titles coming to their backward compatibility program. Further, all four of these games have been updated with Xbox One X Enhanced compatibility meaning they’ll look nicer and run better on the higher end hardware.

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Here are your free Xbox Games With Gold titles for March

February 21, 2018

With March now looming in the middle distance, Xbox have announced the titles that will be going free across their network this month and it follows a similar trend to last month — something for the grown ups and something for the kids.

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February’s Xbox Games With Gold titles include Shadow Warrior and Split/Second

January 26, 2018

It’s that time of the month again where console owners crane their necks to see what they can squeeze out of the corporate overlords, and this month is a bit up and down for Xbox owners.

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Here are your Xbox Games With Gold titles for December

November 23, 2017

Xbox have announced the titles that will be coming to their Games With Gold program for the month of December and, friends, the haul is pretty good. Crank up the Back to the Future theme because where we’re going, we don’t need roads.

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Games Review: NBA 2K18 retains its crown as the king of basketball simulation

September 25, 2017

The NBA 2k series has dominated the basketball simulator landscape for about a decade now and, with NBA 2K18 finally on our shelves, it’s safe to say that this series still holds the crown. Quite simply, this is the best NBA game you can play right now. Coming up against the NBA Live series for the first […]

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May’s Xbox Games with Gold is hype for Star Wars

April 22, 2017

Every month, Xbox Live furnishes its subscribers with a suite of up to four free games — typically two for Xbox One and two for those still running the older Xbox 360 hardware. It’s rare that the last-gen titles on offer are as interesting as the newer, but next month’s Star Wars flavoured offering may prove […]

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Go big or go home: Microsoft reveals Project Scorpio’s insane tech specs

April 7, 2017

Microsoft’s Xbox division have never been ones to shy away from a good boast. When they claimed last year that their forthcoming console, codenamed Project Scorpio, would be the most powerful ever made, it was all too easy for us in the gaming press to arch a skeptical eyebrow. We’re happy to admit when we were wrong […]

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Telltale’s first Marvel adventure series is Guardians of the Galaxy

December 3, 2016

Telltale Games have announced their next episodic adventure series during The Game Awards 2016. Guardians of the Galaxy will be the company’s first foray into the Marvel universe.

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Telltale’s The Walking Dead: A New Frontier premiere is a two-parter

December 3, 2016

A first among their increasingly storied library of titles, Telltale Games will kick off the new season of their popular adventure games based on The Walking Dead by dropping two episodes on Day One. Hit the jump to check out the latest trailer.

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