Take your first look at the Lost in Space reboot as Netflix confirms release date

Netflix has given us our first look at the rebooted intergalactic adventure series Lost in Space.

Exclusive to the streaming platform, Netflix’s take on Lost in Space proves to be modern reimagining of the 1960’s classic science fiction series, as the Robinson family is selected among others for a new life on a distant planet. However, as they are abruptly thrown off course, they must encounter dangerous life forms and strange planets in a bid to find their way back to their new home.

While Earth is still waiting for the series premiere on 13th April 2018, some in space have already seen the pilot episode. Netflix has provided NASA with access to the pilot episode for astronauts to watch upon the International Space Station in their spare time. In your own spare time, you can catch the first teaser trailer for yourself here:

You catch all episodes of Lost in Space exclusively on Netflix 13th April 2018. For more information, you can head over to netflix.com/lostinspace.