Tasmanian Comedy Series Rosehaven Starts Production

Production of ABC comedy series Rosehaven has begun in Tasmania.

The creators and stars of the show are well-known Tasmanian comedians Luke McGregor (Luke Warm Sex, Utopia) and Celia Pacquola (Utopia,The Beautiful Lie).

Tasmanians also feature prominently among the cast, which includes Tasmanian-based Kris McQuade, Anthony Morgan, Katie Robertson, and Noela Foxcroft, alongside mainlanders David Quirk and Jonathan Brough. In fact, the show will film entirely on location, with a majority Tasmanian crew.

When the show was announced, it was expected that the project would employ around 80 Tasmanian cast and crew members, and provide a bump to the local economy.

Celia, the star and creator of the show, says she is “so thrilled and thankful that I get to make a TV show with one of my best friends, Luke McGregor. I mean, Luke and I really should have written more scenes with us holding puppies in Hawaii or making out with movie stars but I guess we’ll try for season two”.

The series is scheduled to screen later this year.