Telltale Games to partner with Marvel on a new episodic adventure

Marvel have used a special event in San Francisco today to talk about their plans in the video game market to announce a partnership with Telltale Games, who will develop games based on Marvel’s myriad properties.

The first of those titles is expected to arrive on currently unspecified platforms in 2017, but Marvel did not go into any detail about which properties Telltale might adapt as a game.

Peter Phillips, who is Marvel’s Exec VP and General Manager for Interactive and Digital Distribution, and Jay Ong, Vice President of Games were joined by Marvel Games creative director Bill Roseman and exec producer Mike Jones to talk about the House of Ideas’ plans for gaming in the future.

To hear Roseman tell it, future Marvel games will be aiming for a more authentic feel, more “exquisite” and “sexy,” something Marvel fans will flip out about. Roseman went on to say that the games will look “eye-popping”.

“Marvel is about storytelling,” Phillips said, reminding the audience that Marvel wants to put the focus on heroics as well as complex, relatable characters.

This is the latest high-profile licensing get for Telltale Games with their Game of Thrones series for HBO doing extremely well, as is their Tales from the Borderlands series for Gearbox. This is far from Telltale’s first comic book property too with both seasons of their The Walking Dead adaptation and The Wolf Among Us, which was based on Bill Willingham’s Fablesfrom Vertigo Comics, earning much critical praise.

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