The first episode of the Foo Fighters’ Sonic Highways starts this weekend on GO!


Aussie Foo Fighters fans are getting keen, with the first episode of the highly anticipated Sonic Highways documentary scheduled to go to air on the free-to-air channel GO! at 4:30pm this Saturday! Just hours after it makes its premiere on HBO in the US, the ‘musical map of America’ will be available for us to watch without the need for torrents and the universal yell of ‘Seeeeeeed!’ from fans otherwise needing to wait for downloadable links to hit the internet.

Fans will also be able to catch the encore screening of Sonic Highways on October 19th at 3:30pm on GO! and October 22nd at midnight on Channel 9. It’s a good time to be a Fooies fan at the moment, with the band’s weeklong residency on Letterman set to see them perform one song from each area featured on their new album and documentary, as well as interviews on the TV show as well.

If you’ve not seen the trailer for Sonic Highways yet, check it out below.

Now, we just wait. There’s no doubt an Australian tour is creeping up as well, if recent rumours are to be believed!