The Fourth Phase premieres on The Star’s brand new cinema screen

The Star Event Centre in Sydney cristened a new 20m x 8m cinema screen on Tuesday to premiere new sports adventure film The Fourth Phase, about iconic snowboarder Travis Rice’s journey around the North Pacific.

The Fourth Phase is the first sports film to be mastered in Dolby Vision™ and Dolby Atmos™, the most advanced image and sound technologies available. It was filmed entirely in 4K ultra-high-definition. All of which made The Star’s gleaming new facilities the perfect choice of premiere venue.

The new cinema facilities at The Star boast a 4K capable Christie projector, Harkness Cinevision screen and Dolby certified surround sound. “The new technology delivered a brilliant audio visual experience for this film premiere,” concluded Melinda Madigan, General Manager of Marketing & Entertainment at The Star.

The film is said to be emotionally powerful and visually stunning as it documents Travis’ adventure through the many iterations of the infamous North Pacific storm cycle.