The Iris’ Weekly Australian TV Picks: 10th – 17th May

It’s a new week and we have a new menu of TV picks for you to devour.

Tuesday – 10 May 2016

The Voice, Ch.9, 7:30pm AEST

Join judges Ronan Keating, Delta Goodrem, Jessie J and the Madden brothers to search for the next best thing in music and talent.

Jane the Virgin, Fox8, 7:30pm AEST

Jane has big plans for Mateo’s first birthday but things start to get in the way that could lead to disaster.

Game of Thrones, Showcase, 9:30pm AEST

Jon Snow awakens and confronts what’s in store for him while Daenerys continues to reconnect with the Dothraki and political powers continue to play.

Wednesday – 11 May 2016

Penny Dreadful, Showcase, 8:30pm AEST

Unbeknownst to her, Vanessa’s movements are being tracked by evil forces while her relationship with strangely charming Dr Sweet grows. Meanwhile Lily and Dorian rescue a woman during their missions involving an underground activity.

Death  in Paradise, BBC First, 9:25pm AEST

The team investigates a case of a backpacker who was shot inside a locked room.

Thursday – 12 May 2016

Janet King, ABC, 8:34pm AEST

Suspended, Janet must find a way to fight her political enemies and Ash’s killer.

Ripper Street, BBC First, 8:30pm AEST

Reid returns to Whitechapel after three years to investigate a case involving his former associate Isaac Bloom. Meanwhile a murder is being investigated as the empire prepares to celebrate Queen Victoria’s Jubilee.

Friday – 13 May 2016

Eurovision Song Contest 2016 (Semi Final 1), SBS, 7:30pm AEST

It’s that time of year where Europe and…Australia dance and cheer for unique and out-of-this-world talents representing their countries. Australia’s Dani Lim will perform and compete this year. The Contest will be hosted in Stockholm, Sweden.

Agatha Raisin: The Quiche of Death, 13th Street, 8:30pm AEST

In an attempt to fit in, Agatha enters a quiche competition…only to become a murder suspect. She must find a way to clear her name and gain her neighbours’ trust.

Saturday – 14 May 2016

Slumdog Millionaire, 7Flix, 9:05pm AEST

Follow a boy’s journey from living in the slums to becoming a millionaire, relying on luck while he tries to stay in touch with the girl of his dreams.

The Hunger Games: Catching Fire, GO!, 8:30pm AEST

The sequel to The Hunger Games brings victor Katniss Everdeen (Jennifer Lawrence) to a game on a whole new level – not just the game itself but also a politically rebel one.

Sunday – 15 May 2016

Iron Man 3, 7Mate, 7pm AEST

For those who are still hyped up thanks to Captain America: Civil War, Iron Man/Tony Stark (Robert Downey Jr)’s life turns upside down as a reject-turned-rival from the past returns to haunt him.

Fight Club, One, 9:30pm AEST

First rule of Fight Club is…never talk about Fight Club. But this is an exception. A man is looking for a way to change his life and ends up being involved in the underground Fight Club. But something sinister grows within it.