The Iris’ Weekly Australian TV Picks: 24 – 31 May

The Iris here with this week’s picks to make your relationship with the small screen captivating and special.


Catalyst, ABC, 8:00pm AEST

Biomedical engineer Jordan Nguyen and 13 year old Riley with cerebral palsy work together on a technology that grants Riley superpowers.

Lincoln, One, 8:30pm AEST

Abraham Lincoln (Daniel Day Lewis) struggles to overcome conflicts including the Civil War and those in his own cabinet over the emancipation of slaves.

Reign, Fox8, 7:30pm AEST

Dark forces are at play as Charles’ coronation approaches. Meanwhile Queen Mary must find a suitor to secure an alliance and regain her power, and Catherine becomes a victim to a killer haunting the castle.

Game of Thrones, Showcase, 9:35pm AEST

Bran makes a shocking discovery about the White Walkers. Meanwhile Arya has an opportunity to prove herself and Brienne goes on a mission.


Penny Dreadful, Showcase, 8:30pm AEST

Vanessa plans to undergo a new form of therapy to discover something vital in the past.


Murdoch Mysteries, 7TWO, 8:45pm AEST

The disappearance of a boy leads Murdoch to a robotic super weapon and spies.


Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets, GO!, 7:30pm AEST

Our beloved wizard returns to another year at Hogwarts and encounters something sinister lurking in the halls, putting everyone in danger.

The Magicians, Syfy, 8:30pm AEST

Quentin finds himself in a mental hospital and has to find help in the person he doesn’t trust. Meanwhile Julia decides to learn more powerful spells from the Hedge Witches.


Fear the Walking Dead, FX, 9:30pm AEST

The family encounters obstacles and they must do whatever they can to stay close.


Eddie Izzard: Force Majeure, ABC 2, 8:30pm AEST

Comedian Eddie Izzard takes us on a journey around the world, giving you the chance to see what’s inside his mind and life.