The Latest Star Wars News – Episode V: Han’s solo debut…

The response to Harrison Ford’s death defying Comic-Con appearance speaks to the popularity of his iconic character. Little surprise, then, that the Han Solo movie has been officially announced on

Lawrence Kasdan (episodes V, VI and VII) and his son Jon Kasdan (Dawson’s Creek), have written the script about the formative years of everybody’s favourite lovable scoundrel. Phil Lord and Christopher Miller are announced to direct, otherwise known as the world’s foremost toy-salesmen.

That makes four Star Wars movies currently in production. Also a comic book series, videogames, multiple TV shows and possibly a whole channel. That’s why we at the Iris have gone to the effort, every week or so, to collate the big news for you.

Of course, you could get the new Star Wars app – the trailer for which is rather flashy. But ask yourself: Do I want Star Wars to haunt me, wherever I am going, whatever I am doing? Do I want to carry this obsession around in my pocket?

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