The TV series Scream is heading exclusively to Netflix next week

After its run on MTV in the US, the entire season of the TV adaptation of the classic Wes Craven film Scream is now coming to Netflix (including Australia and New Zealand) and will be launching exclusively on the service on 1st October as a Netflix Original Series. Check out a bit more about the show below and then enjoy the first Netflix trailer for the series! 

SYNOPSIS: A popular, yet intellectual teenage girl starts to question whether or not she is a good person as her classmates are targeted by a tech-savvy serial killer. Her friends are all lying and keeping secrets from her, and she’s not left with many others to trust. As she realizes her mother’s shady past is somehow connected to the new cyber-stalker, she starts budding up with her ex-best friend to get some answers. But that also means she’s going to face off against a killer who’s out for blood.