There is a ton of DLC for Far Cry 5 on the way

Ubisoft have unveiled their DLC roadmap for upcoming survival shooter Far Cry 5 with three complete self contained expansions and an HD version of Far Cry 3 for current-gen consoles.

The Far Cry 5 Season Pass will contain three individual adventures in the style of 2013’s 80’s-inspired Far Cry 3: Blood Dragon. The first adventure, Hours of Darkness, will see travelling back in time to the Vietnam war and battling Viet Cong. The second, Dead Living Zombies, has players mowing down horde after horde of zombies in what sounds like a bunch of Left 4 Dead-esque scenarios and finally Lost on Mars is exactly what it sounds like — you, stuck on Mars. But there’s huge spiders there and you should shoot them.

Quite honestly, any of these would make a fantastic Far Cry game on their own. That they’re being used for DLC is both pretty great and kind of a downer. Give me my Far Cry version of The Martian, Ubisoft, I want that shit.

In addition to all this content, Season Pass holders on PS4 and Xbox One will also be treated to an updated version of Far Cry 3 a full month ahead of its planned stand-alone release. There’s no word on whether this updated version will feature 4K res or HDR lighting for PS4 Pro and Xbox One X owners at this stage. Those PC players who purchase Far Cry 5: Gold Edition will get a copy of Far Cry 3 included in that bundle.

Far Cry 5 launches March 27 on PlayStation 4, Xbox One and Windows PC.

David Smith

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